Website Design

UK Web Design Shop specialises in affordable web design, we produce quality and professional SEO ready websites.

Your website is the first port of call for most customers so whether you are in Dudley, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, or the rest of the UK we can make your website stand out.

Find Out How We Do It

  • Easy To Update
    We deliver every site to customer specification with either CMS or supported updates
  • Social Integration
    We aim to deliver website design that integrates social media and helps interaction
  • SEO Ready
    All website design comes with search engine optimised layouts and text
  • 24/7 Support
    We aim to support every client as much as possible any time of day

Our Process

1. Customer Requirements
We work with the customer to find out their needs and requirements, during this step we like to find out what type of site you require, web design features and much more.

2. Agree on a style
It is key to target the the correct audience with the style and tone of the website. This is where we add our bit of creative flair to guide the process along.

3. Creating a plan
We firmly believe that no website can work without a good solid plan, all good web design comes from great planning.

4. Wireframes
Creating a wireframe is essential to all web design so as the web designers have a plan to go off. We involve the customer as much as possible from this point.

5. Web Design
Once the wireframe is complete we hand it over to our designers to develop into a flat image of what we expect your website to look like and function.

6. Development
Once the flat image is agreed then its off to get made into a fully fledged website, our web designers and developers work together to get you a fully functional website.