Brand Design

OK so you have the best web design, now you want to get to the top of google. Having a great brand is just as important as having a great brand and logo.

Making an impression counts and being memorable counts for more. Having effective branding is key to your future marketing plans.

UK Web Design Shop can make your brand stand out and be a focal point for customers. We specialise in bespoke logo design and branding from concept to completion.

Our branding service covers all aspects from company logo through to website design, tone and feel.

We believe that setting the right logo to the right tone can say a lot about your company, so why not let your logo speak for you.

Our Branding Process

1. Research
Research is key to great branding. Like web design we need to understand the target audience, how your brand performs and how market share is split.

We can then use this information to guide your brand in the right direction through the right means.

2. Identity
Identity is when we bring together everything as a whole from your website colours, images, tones and even font type to make one cohesive image to define your brand.

That definition will become your brands identity. Used for headers, logos and much more.

3. Roll Out
It is important to roll out your new brand across all platforms at the same time to make the best of your new design.

By this time we will have established your brands position and where to best place you in the market so we can market your products effectively.