10 Amazing Free Web Design Resources You Need To Add To Your Collection

This post is a collection of the best free resources for web designers online. Including free vectors, psd, files, fonts etc. These resources can be used on anything from web design to web apps. Some you may already have and know about others maybe new. So here goes…

Free Logos, Patterns, Vectors etc.

The Pattern Library
The pattern library is an amazing resource for your pattern needs. They are high quality patterns which where put together by the very talented Tim Holman & Claudio Guglieri.

Logo Of The Day
Technically not a place to download stuff free but brilliant for inspiration. Check these guys out as much as you can to get up to date ideas.

Turbo Squid
Turbo Squid is the go to place for designers in 3D artwork and can come in useful for video projects as well.

Font Squirrel
As the name suggests its a free font site awesome if you are fed up of dafont and the likes. Font Squirrel provides amazing high quality fonts you can use in your next web design project.

Free Vector Maps
To state the obvious here but they offer free vector maps. This is awesome for infographics and the likes. I have used them for a while now.

These guys host a load of awesome vectors, psd, jpegs etc. They have a load of great vectors you can pull apart and make your own.

Tutorials & Guides…

Most people will know of Tuts Plus but they are part of the awesome and amazing Envato family. They offer courses in HTML, CSS, Video and much, much more.

Premium Pixels
Great resource for tutorials and design elements from UK designer Orman Clark. Some of these elements are truely amazing.

CG Cookie
This is my favorite as I am a design geek and love 3DS MAX so I love this website. They offer tutorials and lessons in concept art, 3DS Max and sculpture. Can’t express how much I love this site.

Code School
Code school is brilliant for budding designers, web professionals you can brush up on your skills with code school as well they offer free lessons and they are interactive and brilliant for newbies.